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Justin Eure

Integrated marketing and communications, content creation, digital strategy, brand development, and public relations

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I have a deep understanding of the entire media pipeline, from identifying the story and crafting the content to publishing and evaluating impact. I offer expertise in external and internal communications, including press releases, original multimedia, social media, community engagement, corporate intranets, marketing campaigns, brand creative development, project management, and analytics.

Rich Media
Digital Strategy
Public Relations



I am a writer, multimedia expert, and digital strategist dedicated to translating complex ideas into exciting, inspiring, and actionable content. I have a background in the performing arts, redirected first by a Fulbright scholarship to Nepal and then again by my first conversation with a particle physicist. I love all forms of storytelling, especially narratives that cut across different mediums and audiences. I am a husband, father of two extraordinary children, and a voracious consumer of all manner of media.




Disruptive Tech

Social Justice


I acted, danced, and directed my way through undergrad at the UNC School of the Arts. It was four years of intense collaboration, self-reflection, and nonstop storytelling led by exceptional artists. I learned the power of process and humility, in equal parts. 


Through a Fulbright scholarship, I studied Buddhist and Hindu ritual performance throughout Nepal. I spent the most awe-inspiring year of my life in the shadows of Mt. Everest, exploring dance as a vehicle for transcendence.


I helped open the swanky Standard Highline hotel in Manhattan, sweet-talking celebrities and indulging requests as a front office manager. I also co-lead the non-profit theatre company 9Thirty, mounting original productions throughout NYC.


I learned to unceremoniously shred my own work during grad school at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. I fell in love with documentaries, long-form writing, and the art of transforming complex content into its most essential elements. All on deadline, of course.


I championed the only particle collider in the U.S. and other scifi-shaming experiments doing public relations for Brookhaven National Laboratory. I learned physics through press releases, social media, community events, and endless conversations about the origin of the universe.


I returned to North Carolina to join the clinical research giant Quintiles as a digital strategist and creative solutions lead. I handle rich media production, web optimization, analytics, UX evaluation, brand visual system development, and weaving creative harmony through all the disparate bits of a sprawling corporation. I helped usher the Quintiles digital and creative communications through a merger and company relaunch as IQVIA in 2017.


I joined the corporate comms team at Lenovo to overhaul and manage StoryHub, the global newsroom. After leading a complete redesign and CMS migration, I took ownership of the editorial calendar, content standards, and performance KPIs – all while creating and editing content sourced from across the enterprise. Recognized as a storytelling expert, particularly for reputation building, I now lead global marketing campaigns and continue to manage owned media channels and integrated comms.




Available for contract and freelance projects, especially science writing and marketing consultation.

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