I have a deep understanding of the entire media pipeline, from identifying the story and crafting the content to publishing and evaluating impact. I offer expertise in external and internal communications, including press releases, original multimedia, social media, community engagement, corporate intranets, marketing campaigns, brand creative development, project management, and analytics.


I acted, danced, and directed my way through undergrad at the UNC School of the Arts. It was four years of intense collaboration, self-reflection, and nonstop storytelling led by exceptional artists. I learned the power of process and humility, in equal parts. 


Through a Fulbright scholarship, I studied Buddhist and Hindu ritual performance throughout Nepal. I spent the most awe-inspiring year of my life in the shadows of Mt. Everest, exploring dance as a vehicle for transcendence.


I learned to unceremoniously shred my own work during grad school at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. I fell in love with documentaries, long-form writing, and the art of transforming complex content into its most essential elements. All on deadline, of course.


I championed the only particle collider in the U.S. and other scifi-shaming experiments doing public relations for Brookhaven National Laboratory. I learned physics through press releases, social media, community events, and endless conversations about the origin of the universe.



I returned to North Carolina to join the clinical research giant Quintiles as a digital strategist and creative solutions lead. I handle rich media production, web optimization, analytics, UX evaluation, brand visual system development, and weaving creative harmony through all the disparate bits of a sprawling corporation. I helped usher the Quintiles digital and creative communications through a merger and company relaunch as IQVIA in 2017.
I helped open the swanky Standard Highline hotel in Manhattan, sweet-talking celebrities and indulging requests as a front office manager. I also co-lead the non-profit theatre company 9Thirty, mounting original productions throughout NYC.




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Justin Eure

Content creation, digital strategy, marketing, brand development, and public relations
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I am a writer, multimedia expert, and digital strategist dedicated to translating complex ideas into exciting, inspiring, and actionable content. I have a background in the performing arts, redirected first by a Fulbright scholarship to Nepal and then again by my first conversation with a particle physicist. I love all forms of storytelling, especially narratives that cut across different mediums and audiences. I am a husband, a father, and the best friend of a singular whippet.


Available for contract and freelance projects, especially science writing and digital evaluation.


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